Tuesday, April 24, 2012

new favorite.

Check out these reusable freezer pops! Best part -  you decide what to put in them!  Brilliant!

I first saw these in post on this blog, but after last weeks post about school lunches, I knew I needed to get some for myself.  Even though the post was geared towards packing a lunch for your child, I was inspired to add some variety and energy to my daily lunch.

Packing a lunch can not only save you money, but help you make more healthy choices when you have the least amount of time and energy to focus on food.  Dan and I have always packed our lunches - mostly because we're cheap - but my problem is that I often get "stuck in a rut" eating the same ol' thing every day for a week.  And, if for some reason I don't cook dinner the night before, there aren't any left overs to spice it up.
blue/raspberry smoothie w/ almond milk
I mixed up a simple smoothie and loaded these bad boys up this evening.  I love the colors and am really looking forward to the change in my lunches.

I'm also excited about all the things I want to try freezing in them this summer!  Frozen daiquiri pop anyone?

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