Friday, April 6, 2012

taking a break.

Our motto has been "work on one room at a time and finish what you start!"  This week however, afforded us enough time to work on two rooms simultaneously but not enough time to finish either!

We figured this would be a great week to live without our downstairs bathroom {we have a 1/2 bath upstairs, but no shower} and decided to tackle laying the floor tile in the bathroom.  We uninstalled the vanity and toilet on Sunday and started laying the tile.  The whole process {which can be seen here} is quite easy, but time consuming.  Much of the week was spent waiting, days of waiting.  Waiting for the primer to dry.  Waiting on the tiles to cure.  Waiting for the grout to dry.  In the process we touched up some dents and scratches so we had to wait for mud to dry, then primer, and finally paint.  But the finished product was well worth it.  Don't ya think??

Isn't is fabulous?!  I love how great the floor looks continuing from the kitchen into the bathroom seamlessly.  And it feels so great on bare feet!!

While I helped a bit in the bathroom, much of my week was spent in the upstairs master bedroom.  Here's a peak at what went on up there.

Not exactly what I had planned on spending my week working on upstairs, but necessary nonetheless.  Details later.

Unfortunately, neither project was finished this week, and will remain that way though the weekend, because now it's time for our much anticipated {and needed} mini-vacation!!!  The house can wait, it'll all be there when we get back...the next 72 hours is all about us and just being together!  Time to recharge!

Back on Monday with all the details on our trip and later next week updates on our bathroom and master suite!

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