Friday, April 20, 2012

trees and transformations

We love trees.  When we first looked at this house nearly a year ago, the trees were a definite selling point.  We loved the location, not too far from the city, but with all the trees around it makes it feel more like the country.

We knew moving in, that a number of the trees surrounding the house would need to go - especially those too close for comfort.

two cedars growing out from under the house

maple and walnut a little close, but also leaning slightly

dead pine tree being held up by some small dying tree

We also have a lot of Ash trees on our property and like most Ash trees in this area they are all infected with Emerald Ash Borer - check out this map of Indiana's effected areas, we're right in the middle of it!

Thankfully, last weekend while my cousin Matt was here, he was able to remove most of our problem trees in just a few hours.

And after a week of clean up, we have a nice big wood pile to show for it!  Dan's been pretty stoked about owning a chainsaw and finally being able to use it!  {Christmas present from my parents!}

Unfortunately, there was one tree in particular that Matt was not able to safely remove due to it's location. 

It's hard to see in the photo, but not only is the tree right next to the garage, but there are power lines to the right and back of it as well as the house being located just out of the picture on the left.  You can see how it's leaf-less - it's an Ash with the borer - basically a dead tree just waiting for a big ol' gust of wind to blow it down.

My brilliant husband decided to inquire with the electrical company about getting it removed.  Two days later they had a woman out here to check it out.  She said that we are super lucky because in the past there hasn't been money to take care of these kinds of hazardous trees but recently there's been an allocation specific to our area for the removal of Ash trees infected with the borer!! {remember this map?! they're everywhere!}  

Soooo...bye bye trees, for FREE!!!  What a great surprise - who knows how much this could have cost us!  They'll be back within the next two months to cut 'em down, and to save costs, we offered to chop them up and take care of removal ourselves.  

We're feeling good about finally getting these trees taken care of and are loving how it makes the house and yard look.  There are still quite a few branches and limbs to be taken care of, along with loads of firewood {which will hopefully head home with my parents this weekend}.  We hope to rent a wood chipper soon to make some mulch/compost for the garden as well as host a few bonfires with friends.  

Check out some of our before/after photos at the bottom of our house tour.

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