Tuesday, April 3, 2012

wall or ceiling?

The best part about owning a home is the ability to make it your own.  Since buying this house, I've dreamt about the color and style of each room.  Trying to mesh our styles and create a place that's comfortable and inviting.

Now that we've replaced the windows in the upstairs bedroom, I'm eager to transform this space into our new master bedroom.  When we first moved in, we kept our room simple, white with one chocolate brown accent wall.  I was never too keen on the white, but decided to just go with it as I knew we'd eventually be moving upstairs.  After we made our headboard, I realized that the chocolate brown wasn't a great fit with the new fabric either.  So, I decided to try something new.

I took a scrap of fabric with me to Lowe's and played with a variety of colors, continually being drawn to blues and grays.

not the actual colors I chose
I brought a few samples home to contemplate and eventually settled on a light blue for the walls with a single accent wall of "midnight blue."  I never thought of myself as a blue bedroom kind of person, but I'm really looking forward to the finished product.

Now for the real delima.  While I was working on prepping the room and painting the ceiling today I realized that the ceiling and wall meet in an awkward way.

So that slanted part, wall or ceiling?  As I painted the flat part of the ceiling I considered how it would look painted the same color as the wall, extending the wall all the way to the flat ceiling.  Kind of like this.

This area still needs drywall, but you get the idea of the wall continuing to the flat ceiling.  

Hump...what do do?  I'm wondering if painting it as if it were ceiling would make the room seem wider and painting it as if it were wall would make the room seem taller?

Any thoughts?


  1. My vote is to paint it to match the ceiling. It seems like matching it w/ the wall would make the room feel smaller... Like it was caving in on you. Can't wait to see how it turns out! You guys are doing a great job!

  2. So, what did you decide on? I found your blog, because I have this same type of ceiling/wall thing. A gal I know that does interior design told me to paint it to match the wall, but I haven't made a decision just yet! Have any pictures to share?



  3. *I'm in the middle of painting the "attic" area with slanted ceilings of a 1 1/2 story house. The attic area has been finished into a bedroom and there is also "landing" at the top of the stairs. I had the same trouble you did in deciding what color to paint the walls and what color to paint the ceiling and which is which on the part where the landing is. The "slanted part" is the ceiling where the roof "peaks". In other words, we have a very steep roof line. The "dormer" is in the bedroom and we placed a bed in that "cubby" area. It you're over 6' you have to be careful so you don't hit your head when you get out of bed.