Wednesday, May 2, 2012

garden progress.

If the weather's nice, I'm in my garden!
I could spend all day every day out here!

Mei Mei is learning the pathways, and enjoys sitting nearby while I weed or play!
And check out those tomato and pepper plants!  We already have a tomato forming and the pepper has begun to bloom!

When those tomatoes ripen, they'll make a wonderful addition to our already steady stream of salad greens.  We planted 3 different varieties of lettuce as well as spinach, and thus far we've been able to enjoy salads here and there, just on those plants picked from thinning - why waste those delicious babies!?

Last spring, my father-in-law brought us some starts from his strawberry plants.  Of the seven he brought only 4 survived, but man are they healthy plants!!  

We bought a few plants ourselves this year to help fill in the strawberry bed, as well as this fun planter.  You can never have enough strawberries!

Just look at that sweet little pink berry!  Won't be long before they're ripe enough to whip up a strawberry rhubarb pie!!!

We also have pea, radish, and carrot sprouts, though I don't have an updated photo of them.  I planted corn this evening, and hope get the rest of our seed crops in early next week as well as a few more pepper and tomato plants!  

Can't wait until school's out and I can spend my day with my plants!

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