Tuesday, July 10, 2012

a place for living {part 2}

Once we completed the bookcase {here} we painted the walls and trim then moved on to the floor.

This project was a little unexpected.  We had planned on hosting Dan's parents for the weekend, but due to illness and extreme temperatures in the forecast they had to postpone their trip.  Having the time off work already, we decided to tackle this feat!

We started by removing the linoleum around the front door entry.  Our initial plan was to use the same tile from the kitchen to replace this, but when we found that the floor underneath looked pretty good, we decided to just treat it as the rest of the room.

We rented a large sander from Home Depot for the weekend and Dan went to town sanding the entire floor.

Though process seemed to take forever in 100 degree weather {we kept having to take breaks just to cool off} it exposed some really neat patterns in the wood!  

The end result was beautiful!

We really wanted to just seal it at this point, but decided against it because we had already opted to go with a dark wood look for the bookcase and fan and figured most of the floor was going to be covered with furniture or rugs anyways!

The stain took a little work to get to look just right.  Due to the extreme heat it would dry faster than we could wipe it clean, resulting in darker and lighter spots.  But with a little patience {on Dan's part!} we were able to get a nice finish.

The final step was to add the seal, which went on quickly and easily.

Now to let it set completely and we can move our new furniture {which was delivered a few days ago} back in and out of the kitchen!

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