Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY envelope pillow covers

When I found this fabric on sale at JoAnn's earlier this summer, I knew it was just the splash of color the living room needed.  The plan was to recover our existing Ikea Poang chair.  I decided to use it as inspiration for the whole room.  We took it along while searching for furniture and deciding on the stain for the bookcase.  However when I found these curtains, and they looked so good with the new couch and love seat, the fabric no longer looked right taking center stage.

Still in love with this fabric, I decided throw pillows would be the best way to add it to the room without going overboard.

I thought I'd give envelope pillow covers a try, and seriously, these are the easiest things to make.  Just three hems and they're good to go!  Definitely my go-to style of pillow from now on.

While at Ikea last, we picked up these throw pillows.

The tags said they were 20x20" and 24x16"...but I'd suggest measuring them as well just to be sure.  I also opted to make my covers a little smaller than the pillows so that the pillows "stuffed" into them.

After reading this tutorial, I decided on a large overlap.  I used the width of the fabric and cut the length to match the pillows.  

Then I hemed the ends 1/4".

Once the ends were hemmed, I folded the ends over to create the envelope and slid them around until the front of the pillow measured 20" (the length of the first pillow).  Then I pinned and hemmed.

Last step, stuff.   Because I made my pillow cover a little smaller than the pillows, this was a little difficult.

Once I finally got the pillow stuffed inside the cover, I had to fluff it.

And there you have it!!

So there's a sneak peak into the living room, which I promise to share soon!!!

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