Friday, August 17, 2012

storing up for winter // onions

Pick Onions.
Once the stalks of the onions start to dry and fall over they're ready to pick.  After picking, allow to sit outside to dry out for about two weeks.  I've read that you could just leave them on top of the dirt where you picked them, but we opted to put them out on our porch incase of rain {ha}.  If after two weeks the stalks have not completely dried out, those onions need to be used right away rather than stored as they have too much moisture and will start to rot if not used.

Trim onions
Cut the tops of the onions off about 1/2" to 1" above the bulb.  

Hang onions
Using an old stocking/pantyhose, place one onion in the foot of the pantyhose.  Then tie a not.  Continue this method until you've reached the top of the pantyhose or run out of onions. 
Hang onions.
While I'd love to display these beauties in my kitchen, it's recommended that they be stored in a cool dry place {preferably 35-40 degrees}.  We decided to hang ours in the basement above our dehumidifier to help keep them dry and cool.

{We used the same process to store our garlic.}  

We ended up with two strands of onions and two strands of garlic.  Now, all we have to do when in need of garlic or onions this winter is cut the bottom most one off {leaving the knot above it} and enjoy!

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