Sunday, August 19, 2012


That's it, the very last window to be replaced in our house!

The last of 21...that's right, since moving in last summer, we {well, mostly Dan} have taken out and replaced a total of 21 windows in the little blue house.

It's been quite the process.  We started with the back bedroom closet window {I know, kinda weird to have a window in the closet?!} figuring we could make some mistakes and they wouldn't be as noticeable.  Then we moved on to the kitchen - not only did we replace the windows, but we made them smaller!!  In total we installed 6 windows in the kitchen

{If you'll remember, we also moved the back door, so really, it's more like 22 windows!!}

We then took a nearly 8 month hiatus from window install before Dan tackled the 5 upstairs.   I said "window hiatus" not "remodeling hiatus" - we were working hard on the kitchen remodel during those 8 months!

That's 12.

Then at some point this spring/early summer Dan again tackled 5 windows!  This time he replaced all the windows in the living room one day at a time. {sorry, I was horrible about blogging this summer and have yet to share the living room photos! I WILL get there.  Promise!}  Not long after, we replaced the two in our bedroom and finally one of the spare bedroom windows.

That's 8 more, for a total of 20.

And today, after going to church and Sweetwater's Annual company picnic, he replaced the final window!!!  At this point, Dan's pretty much a pro!  Those first few windows in the kitchen took both of us nearly an entire day {sometimes more}, he is able to take out the old window and install the new in 1/2 a day.  All by himself.

How's that for DIY!?!?


  1. Wow, 21 windows? That’s a lot! You must be enjoying plenty of sunlight in there. I can almost imagine how much you save on your electricity bills! Anyway, I’ve noticed that your siding is already showing signs of paint detaching. I think you should have it re-painted. Sidings should painted every 5 years to lengthen their lifespan and protect them from rot.

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