Saturday, November 3, 2012

NYC {best food on earth}

Seriously.  Anything you could ever want or imagine can be found in the big apple!  

We arrived mid-afternoon and due to poor planning on our part had missed lunch all together, so we were super hungry when we got to Kristin & Andrew's.  Luckily Kristin had picked up some fresh bagels on the way home from work, and we all went downstairs to the Polish meat market for some fresh sausage!  What a wonderful welcome snack!

That evening, we met Andrew on his way home from work at the most delicious Vietnamese restaurant - best we've had since Vietnam!

We also went to a delicious Malaysian restaurant in Chinatown - but I didn't get a picture!

Sunday morning we ventured over to the park near their apartment to check out the farmers market on our way to the rooftop garden {more on that tomorrow}.  Check out this produce - most of which is grown in the heart of the city!

We stopped at Brouwerij Lane on a walk one day for a little beer sampling.

Finally, we spent a few nights in and enjoyed good ol' home cooking!  We all helped to make pasta for  one of Andrew's signature pasta dishes, and made a delicious apple pie!  

mmmm...makes me hungry just typing about it!

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