Sunday, November 4, 2012

NYC {knitting class}

While we were in NYC I had the opportunity to go with Kristin the knitting class that she teaches at the Eileen Fisher Lab Store.  This class is a drop in class where students bring a project they're working on to get assistance and support.  Because there were only 2 students this particular Saturday, she was able to set up and share how a recently purchased knitting machine works.  This machine, purchased by Eileen Fisher Lab Store specifically for this group, is similar to the one that Kristin has at home so she showed us how to set it up and all the fantastic things you can do with it.

I didn't have a knitting project with me, so while she was helping the other ladies, I wondered the store swooning over all the wonderful textiles.

Thanks for letting me tag along Kristin!  Wish I could come every weekend!

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