Tuesday, January 22, 2013

{17 weeks}

Yep, baby Ankney is slowly making his/her presence known!  It seems like this little bump appeared out of nowhere over the past week.  If you know me you'll notice the bump right away, however, if you've never met me you'd think I just have a bit of a beer belly!

So far I love being pregnant!!  I am in awe of feeling of being pregnant.  It's such an amazing feeling to be the keeper of a little one.  There are days when I feel so utterly overcome with exhaustion that it's hard to get myself out of bed, and others {like today} I have so much energy I can't settle down for bed.  I'm eager to feel the little one move, but am filled with such joy each time I look down at my blooming belly and remember how amazing this whole process is.

I've been so consumed with educating myself about pregnancy and childbirth, and have begun prenatal yoga and a book study with a few friends.  I know that no amount of preparation will prepare me for what's to come, but it's so exciting to learn about all that my body is capable of!

Though Dan might argue, I feel I've got a pretty good handle on my emotions right now...though at the end of a long day I find myself on the brink of tears for what seems like no reason at all! Oh, hormones!  I'm not currently craving anything, but still have a major aversion to the smell of garlic and vinegar {they both have bothered me since before I knew I was pregnant}.  The size of my appetite however is incredible!  I totally out-ate Dan the other day at dinner - for those who know Dan know that that's quite a feat!  Not only am I eating more in one sitting, but I'm needing to eat more often.  It's such a crazy concept to allow yourself to give into that - but also it's remembering to be prepared and have snacks around all the time!

Overall this has been an awesome ride.  I'm so excited for the coming months {and years with baby Ankney} and to see what's in store for our little family!

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