Monday, February 4, 2013

{19 weeks}

This week we got to see Baby Ankney for the first time, and HE's perfect!  Seeing him move around the screen was so magical, especially watching Dan's face as the miracle of pregnancy became so real for him!

I've been so busy with work these past few weeks I almost forget sometimes that I'm pregnant!  Still loving this whole experience and thankful that I have an abundance of energy and feel wonderful overall.  I'm soaking it up and working on as much as I can around the house in preparation for the baby.  Productivity not only feels good, but helps to relieve some stress about the insanely long to-do list before baby comes.

Dan and I have been able to spend most evenings together lately and that feels WONDERFUL!  We get to eat dinner together nearly every night, though he is tired of my obsession with brussel sprouts {pregnancy craving?}.  We spend our nights working on the house and tossing out baby names as we think of them.  The task of naming your child is quite a feat!  We have a short list of favorites, but plan to keep the little guy's name a secret until he's born.

1 comment:

  1. How wonderful to have all your evenings together like that.
    Such a precious time, very excited for you guys.
    Ronnie xo