Monday, February 18, 2013

around here.

Life around here has been pretty productive.  We have been able to tackle a lot of finishing touches around the house and it feels so good to be moving forward - now if only the weather would move on into Spring everything would be just grand!

We recently finished the trim in the living room and in doing so were able to finally hang the last of the curtains, the coat rack, and even finish off the bookcase.  Once we touch up a few little paint spots around the room, the living room will officially be DONE!  Ahh, just thinking about it makes me excited!!!

The kitchen progress, however, seems to be two steps forward, one step back.  Yesterday Dan had to remove a few of the tiles we installed a year ago, in order to fix some level issues.  This needs to be remedied before we can finish installing the trim in the room.  On the plus side, the process was a lot easier than we anticipated, thanks to a whole host of tools we've accumulated over the past year.  This house is indeed a learning experience and we're finding that with each project we're getting better at getting it right the first time! 

Thanks to a few decent days recently - and by decent I mean mid 30s and sunny - we've been able to take  Miss Maggie for walks in the woods, which she loves!  It's fun to wonder our property and see the changes that come and go with the seasons, there are already so many lovely signs of spring!

Speaking of spring, Dan has been working hard to get some seedlings started for our garden this year.  We are much more prepared than last year and even have a wonderful little growing area set up in our spare bedroom, complete with a growing light and heated mats!  Last night he planted spinach, peas, and's hoping we have better luck than last year! =)

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