Thursday, February 21, 2013

it's the little things.

Our little blue house is full of little treasures, like this great coat rack.

We found it among the things left behind by the previous owners and had intended to paint it white and donate it to the church nursery, however as the living room evolved, I could see that it just might have a home right where it started.  {Don't worry, we're going to make another similar one in white for the church nursery!}

It was a little long, but just the right color and feel to make a nice little entry way for our oddly shaped entry.  This space has always bothered me, because the door must open into the living room, and this nook can't house much of anything because it's also the basement entry...the flow just doesn't make a lot of sense.  But, that's what you get in a little old house - you just have to make it work!

This weekend, after finally checking a number of other "final touches" off our list for the living room, our little coat rack was finally hung.  And we LOVE it!  No more coats thrown on the couch, bed, or anywhere else we could find to put them.

As you can see, we hung it fairly high on the wall.  The reasons for this is two-fold, first of all, I have long winter coats that I didn't want to come close to the ground, or be at a height that the pup might be able to mess with.  Also, we'd like to build some sort of shallow shoe storage unit to put under the coats and didn't want to worry about coats getting in the way or be limited in height by the location of the coat rack.

I'm so happy with the outcome, and the ability to reuse something we found {for free} in our house! 

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