Monday, February 25, 2013

our travel book. finally.

It's been 2 years, 3 months, and 8 days since returning from our Southeast Asia trip, but the memories of this extraordinary time are as vivid as they were the day we experienced them.

Upon returning, life sped up way faster than we would have liked, and to be honest, we never fully debriefed from not only the 13 months we spent living in Taiwan, but the 48 days we lived out of our backpacks and visited 6 countries in Southeast Asia as well.

I began this project nearly a year ago, and finally finished it a few weeks ago.  The months and months of sifting through thousands of photos was totally worth it.  At 178 pages and including nearly 500 photos from our travels, this project was no small feat, but now that this books adorns our coffee table it allows us to revisit those travels all over again. 

It's incredible to see OUR photos in print.  The day our book arrived, Dan and I sat on the couch looking through our book,  re-living our travels once again.

We both have so much to say about this trip and over time I'd like to add notes right on the pages with a simple black sharpie.  I think these notes from both Dan and I will make this book even more special.

{There are way too many favorite pages to share, you'll just have to stop by for a visit and take a look for yourself!}

We can't wait to share this with family and friends who come to visit as it's the first time in two years we've shared most of these photos!  

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  1. The photos look amazing from here. That photo selection process is always the hardest. Good on you for persevering and getting it done!!! How wonderful to be able to relive those memories...
    Ronnie xo

  2. Hey, I found your site through a comment on YHL. Your book is really nice looking and I keep meaning to do one myself. Do you mind sharing what company you used and if you ended up happy with the quality/price? Thanks so much!

    1. Sarah, Thanks for stopping by. I used and I'm in love with the book. The quality turned out better than I could have expected! All of the photos were taken with our DSLR, so they're good quality photos, and they printed up very true to their digital image. The binding is also ver sturdy and looks like it will hold up for many years of browsing. I ended up with just shy of 200 pages and with a $20 discount code I found online only spent $65 {including shipping}. To me the price was definitely worth it...I'm in the process of making another book from out time living in Taiwan and I'll definitely be using again!

  3. Oh wow, that does seem like a good price! I was considering blurb, so glad to hear the price and quality were both good! Thanks!