Thursday, March 21, 2013

pregnancy cravings and a little bump.

This post is over a week late, but better late than never.  Right?  I'm currently finding it hard to find the time and energy to sit down and blog....a lot is changing around the Ankney house - besides my belly, though it doesn't always seem noteworthy...I'll hopefully get better at sharing the "mundane" as I know many family and friends enjoy this!

Week 24...16 to go!

This pregnancy is going so fast!  Hard to believe that I've been pregnant 1/2 of a year!   I have felt so good these past few months that when I experienced my first braxton hicks the other day I was immediately concerned - that is until a friend reminded me ever so kindly "well, you ARE pregnant!"  Thanks friend, and honestly, I can't complain, my biggest struggle has been sleeping at night and that's mostly because I toss and turn and try to get comfortable!  Though once comfortable I'm out!

I'm even starting to LOOK pregnant - as you can see above, I have a lovely little bump that I just can't seem to stop looking at and touching!  Pregnancy is such a magical and wonderful thing...unexpected and awkward at times...but magical!  I love the constant movements of the little man rolling around and flexing his muscles inside!  

Throughout pregnancy, many women talk of cravings.  Thus far the only two cravings I've experienced have been less of cravings and more of an extreme love of brussel sprouts and pesto.  Weird?! yes.  Healthy!?  absolutely!  I keep saying, if I am going to "crave" anything, at least these two things are healthy!

The other day I found this wonderful recipe on pinterest. 


This recipe is not only super easy to make, but has brussel sprouts AND pesto - PERFECTION!

Too bad we finished it that evening and didn't get to enjoy it another day! {I'll have to make a double batch next time}  And speaking of next time, it's definitely on the menu this week too!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

the kitchen. is. done.

Feels good to finally say that after what seems like years of working on this one room.  Getting it done was my major goal for the month of March, and thanks to my mom's help in painting, we were able to get it checked off the list in record time!

When we moved into the house, this was the first space we tackled.  What were we thinking!?  I mean really, who tackles a kitchen as their first DIY project on their first home!?   But we did it.  And have lived to tell about it!

While we're calling this room done, and checking it off the list, there are still a few updates that we hope to make over time, like a subway tile backsplash behind the counter, but that will have to be phase two, after baby arrives!

The layout of the kitchen is still a little weird at times, but we love that there is plenty of room for the two of us to comfortably cook together.  Our countertops are a bit limited, however, and we'd like to build a cart of some sort {kind of like this one} to be able to store a few more items off the counter and have more prep space.

One of the next projects on the list is to build a farmhouse table and bench.  Dan found some scrap wood in the attic that would make an awesome table like this.  But again, no rush there.  Last year I tried some plants on the window sills, but wasn't thrilled with the look, so I decided to try some hanging plants instead.

I bought the rope online and made these one evening afterwork - super easy.  I love how they turned out and can't wait until they fill in a little bit more.

As we were finishing up trim, we realized that the nook by the back door would be a great location for our plant shelf {which originally lived in the spare bedroom}.  Silly us, we measured the space before adding the trim and when we went to move the shelf yesterday realized that the space was now too small for our shelf!  Luckily, with a little patience {which we both lack at times!}, we were able to make it work by propping the shelf up on some blocks and actually building it in place.

I think it turned out pretty grand!  This space has always stumped us on how to use it and I think the plants are the perfect fit.  Hopefully we'll be able to have better luck with our garden sprouts this year!

We already have some lovely pea sprouts - though we're pretty sure we started these way too early.

I love having lots of plants all around the kitchen - especially this little guy, Dan's Venus Fly Trap that's getting ready to flower!

So there you have it, a done {for now} kitchen!  Ahhh...feels amazing!  What feels even more amazing is seeing that the to-do list for this space is so short now!