Saturday, April 6, 2013

hello, third trimester!

Well, we've arrived at the final 1/3 of this pregnancy...the home stretch!  Though, we are by no means ready!  It seems the never-ending to do list just keeps growing, right along with the little guy!

The little man has been incredibly active lately, and feels like he's out growing his home...looks like I'll be having another growth-spirt soon!

A few weekends ago we went to Indy for a childbirth education class taught by a dear friend from college.  There were 3 other couples there, 2 of which were former IWU classmates.  It was fun to catch up and learn more about how to bring this little one into the world as naturally as possible.

In an effort to have the most natural birth possible, I've been doing a lot of reading and found this great book called "Mindful Birthing,"  highly recommend it to any pregnant woman seeking an un-medicated labor and delivery.  The techniques and scenarios discussed in this book, along with the educational background it presented, have helped me to prepare not only mentally, but physically as well to better cope with the some of the pain and discomfort of labor.

We're working hard to ready the house and are excited for visitors over the coming weeks to help with projects!  Our goal is to have the master bedroom "livable" and be able to turn our current bedroom into the nursery.  We know the little man will stay with us for a while, so we're not in any rush to get the nursery done, but at least have a place to put all his stuff that we're already accumulating!  Having a baby fills your house quickly!!  =)

Looking forward to enjoying these last 12 weeks as a family of 2.  We have a lot going on this spring with visitors and trips out of town, I'm sure it will fly by, but we'll do our best to savor every minute!

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