Thursday, April 18, 2013

master update.

Our big project over the past few months has been an attempt to get the master bedroom "livable" for us to move into and free up the future nursery.  While I haven't been as helpful as I would have liked, seems growin' a baby is hard work after all, we've made significant progress over the past few weeks thanks to lots of help from friends and family.

If you'll remember, this is what the master "suite" looked like when we moved in.

Don't you love the red!?! I mean really.  Who paints a ceiling bright red?  If the lights were on at night, the room would literally cast a red hue on the front lawn!  It had to go!  So right away, my generous mother and sister-in-law helped me to cover it with white primer.

Not a bad starting point, although what's up with that bathroom "throne"?  Again, what were they thinking?  Let's put a  Wait, now we have to put walls around it!  Oh, and can't forget a sink, eh, just put it in the room!  I'd like to think this was done with purpose, but I fear that it was just a haphazard addition.

Here's where we were a year ago.

Being that the house has only one full bath, we thought it'd be a wonderful addition to our home not only logistically, but also an upgrade for the house.  We opted to hire our trusty neighbor Dan to help with the plumbing of the new bathroom after we had solidified a suitable layout.  While the plumbing was being done, my Dan completed the wiring.

Once the plumbing and wiring was finished, Dan got busy framing it all in.  And while he was at it he built me a lovely closet!  The closet that was in the original room was hardly more than a linen closet and would hardly be enough space for one person, let alone two AND storage!  In building the new closet, he was also able to hide the awkwardly placed attic access door as well!!  Bonus!

On the down side, the size of the new bathroom meant that the ceiling fan we installed just months ago needed to be relocated!

This past weekend we were finally ready for the next step - drywall!  Thankfully we had the help of our dear friends Brent & Ellen for the weekend.  Dan, along with these great helpers were able to get the drywall up on the bedroom side of the new walls. 

**We opted to focus on getting the bedroom side of the master suite done so that we could move ourselves up there, we'll continue working on the bathroom, but are not making it a priority before baby arrives!

This week, Dan has been hard at work with the horrendous task of mud, sand, repeat! 

Can't wait until I'm able to get up there with a paintbrush and begin to create the oasis I know this bedroom will be for us!  Stay tuned...the goal is to get it done in the next 10 weeks!!!! Ahh...let the count down begin!

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