Monday, May 27, 2013

2 years in the little blue house

Though I'd love to be sharing that we're done with the house, these irises remind me that change takes time.  This is the first time since moving in that these beauties have bloomed, and with them come the realization that a lot has changed in the past two years and those changes have brought with them so much growth and beauty to this little blue house we call home.

We've made progress on just about every room in the house, and checked off loads of things on our massive to-do list.  

This little house of ours looks nothing like it did the day we moved in, and chances are it will look nothing like it does today in another two years.  

Adding a third member to the family will make the pace at which we work on our fixer-upper a little slower, but it will also be such a motivation to make this house a home for our little guy to grow up in.

We're no where near where we thought we'd be when he arrived, but that's okay.  We're content with the progress we've been able to make over the past few months, despite a few set-backs.  We'd rather slow down and do it right the first time, rather than have to go back and fix our "newbie" mistakes.

Over the coming months, we hope to finish the master suite and begin the little guy's nursery.  After that we'll be down to the office/spare bedroom.  Hopefully this fall or next spring we'll be able to do some more landscaping around the outside as well.  

We have no way of knowing how long we'll be in this little house, who knows what the coming years will bring, but for now, we're loving the DIY experience of bringing this little blue house to life and making it our home.  Looking forward to many more projects and updates in the coming years!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

easiest update yet.

A while back I found these cheap magazine files at Ikea to house the over abundance of magazines we have laying around.  When we first moved into our house we subscribed to "Mother Earth News" and "Better Homes & Gardens" and while these magazines may be a little out dated, the information and ideas will come in handy for years to come - plus they're fun to look at!  Anyways, we have a lot of magazines on hand.

For the past year or so these files have been living on the counter top of our desk/bookshelf in the living room.  While they're not too unsightly, the white was a bit stark compared to the more neutral and dark furniture in the room.  When I came across this idea on pinterest, I knew I had to give it a try.

I had been looking for more ways to display photos from this shoot last fall, and right away jumped to this image.

Before printing, I lined up my 5 magazine files and measured to get an approximate size to print my photo. Surprisingly the dimensions were a perfect size for printing, a standard 12x18" print would do.  I printed a simple poster at Office Depot for a whopping $.49!  The photo is printed in color, but on standard paper - nothing photo quality.

Once home with my photo, I used my quilting tools {I know mom, I'm not supposed to cut paper with my rotary cutter - but it was SO easy!} and cut the photo into 3 1/2" strips.  I then used mod podge to glue the strips to the cardboard magazine files.  Once it was dry, I put two layers of mod podge on top to seal, rounding the edges over the corners and waiting for each layer to dry in between.

It's by no means perfect, but I am in love with it!  And who can complain about such a cheap project?  {Between the Ikea magazine files for $1.99, the print for $.49, and the mod podge I had on hand, this project cost a total of $2.48!}  I also love that over time I won't feel bad about covering it up with another more recent picture - maybe a sweet newborn shot of the little guy like this!