Monday, July 29, 2013

celebrating my boys today

Happy 28th birthday to my amazing hubby!  Today also marks one month since little Caleb's arrival!!  It's been so amazing to watch you two together this past month!  To watch this man I've known for nearly 10 years turn into a father is truly one of the best things of my life!  I love you both more than words can say!!

{Based on our super unofficial measurements (ie. kitchen scale & fabric tape measure), we'd say you're about 11.5 lbs, and nearly 24 inches long!  Keep growing strong boy!!  We love you!}

Saturday, July 27, 2013

dear caleb // week four

Dear Caleb,

As we round out our first month together, it's clear to see that our little family of three was meant to be!  In so many ways you make our life as a family feel more complete.  We knew that once you came along our lives would change, but we never imagined how much.

Since your arrival the house has not been clean, dishes and laundry have not been put away, the grass has not been fully mowed, the garden has gone days without water, Daddy has been late for work on numerous occasions, and Mommy has spent entire days on the couch...and it's all okay by us because with you around, none of that seems to matter!

We took our first trip to the farm together and it was so nice to be out of the city for a while.  You of course slept the majority of the time, but everyone enjoyed passing you around!  Maggie was thrilled to finally get some play time.

You really enjoy tummy time right now.  You would spend all day just hanging out on your tummy if you were just a bit stronger to hold that head steady!  Often you and mommy take naps in the big bed so you can lay on your side or tummy which is the only way you'll nap other than on mommy's chest!

This week you found your little hands and in turn found your mouth and ears!  It was so fun to watch you make this discovery.  Though we are not eager for you to grow up, we love watching you learn and grow!

love you always,
mommy & daddy

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

dear caleb // week three

Dear Caleb,

Time sure does fly around here.  It's hard to believe that we're celebrating three weeks already! We can't even remember what our days were like without constant feedings, diapers to change, and endless loads of laundry.  Our days blur together and we often find ourselves unsure of what day of the week it is!  But we love it!  We love every minute we get to cuddle with your and soak you up...sometimes it's so hard to put you down!

Though it wasn't as hot as this time last year, this week was miserable!  You and mommy spent much of the week cooped up in the house to stay cool.  You didn't mind so much as your week consisted of lots of eating and sure are a growing boy! At mommy's appointment the Dr. weighed you - 10 lbs. 3 oz.!  It's so amazing that this is all because of mommy's milk - go us!

We took our first family trip to the zoo with our church friends.  It was a hot and sticky trip, but a nice outing for mommy and daddy.  Mommy wasn't thinking and left the camera at home so we didn't get any pictures of your first carousel and train rides.  We'll definitely have to make another trip before the end of the summer as you slept through the whole visit!

This week we also celebrated Grandpa Cripe's birthday with your first trip to the TinCaps baseball game.  Again you spent the majority of the game asleep, but your Aunt Ris and Grandma Cripe enjoyed cuddling you!

The biggest event of the week was the introduction of your pacifier!  It took mommy a couple of weeks to finally give it to you, but life has been a little quieter around here since!  Thankfully you don't "need" it all the time, but it has been a lifesaver in the car or when you're just too tired and not able to fall asleep on your own.  It's hard for mommy to hear you cry and not know how to make it better - we're all thankful that the pacifier has seemed to help you calm yourself in these moments!

Mommy didn't do a very good job with the camera this week, but you're continuing to show that little personality of yours!  When you're awake you love to look around the room as if you're taking in all your surroundings.  Maggie continues to get more and more comfortable with you and I think you're starting to realize that she's there.

love you always,
mommy & daddy

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

dear caleb // week two

Dear Caleb,

Happy two weeks, little one!  You are growing like a weed and sleeping "like a baby".  At your two week appointment this week you weighed 9 lbs 8oz....a weight gain of a whole pound in just one week!!  Though you struggle with some gas issues, you have a great handle on this whole nursing thing - which makes mommy so happy and relieved!

This week has been a busy one with lots of trips out.  On Monday, you had your first restaurant visit to IHOP so that mommy and daddy could enjoy some yummy pancakes!  Tuesday, you and mommy ventured out on our first trip alone - we both had Dr. appointments and we visited Avery & Amelia {and Heather} for lunch.  It was a successful first trip alone, but we were exhausted when we got home!

On Wednesday we visited Sweetwater to have lunch with daddy so he could show you off to all his co-workers - he loves you so much and can't wait to share you with everyone!  Then, on Thursday we took another family trip to go blueberry picking!  Unfortunately, it was too hot for you, so you and mommy spent most of the time hanging out at the car while daddy picked 10 lbs of blueberries!  We can't wait to give you your first taste of blueberries this winter!

Your umbilical cord finally fell off this week - which meant your first bath!  Though mommy didn't quite know how to keep you warm the whole time, you seemed to really enjoy the water.  You kicked your legs in the water and enjoyed mommy dumping water on your belly.

We also decided to make the switch from disposable to cloth diapers this week and you have far less wardrobe changes because of it!  You look especially cute in the ones mommy made this spring!  Though we have more laundry, we're thankful to not be buying crazy expensive diapers that you go through so quickly!

You continue to show us little bits of your big personality.  It's so fun to watch you take in the world around you.  You're able to recognize mommy and daddy's voices and you're beginning to make eye contact with us when we're talking to you.  Maggie has been getting a little less timid around you and today the two of you had a little moment while you were playing on the floor.  Maggie laid her head next to yours and the two of you just stared at one another.  I'm sure you guys will be the best of friends in a few months - can't wait! 

This week you're definitely growing - lots of eating and sleeping - but we're not complaining, it makes for some great cuddle time with mommy!  You have wanted to cuddle all week and hate to be laid on your back.  You prefer to sleep on your side or tummy - especially on mommy or daddy's chest.   All this time on your tummy has made you quite the pro at holding up your head.  You'd never know you were just two weeks old!

Keep growing little one!

love you always,
mommy & daddy

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Monday, July 8, 2013

caleb's birth story

I spent the entire pregnancy dreaming about the day I'd finally get to meet my little guy.  I discussed at great length the wishes and desires I had for that monumental day.  I had a plan.  However, as the day approached it became increasingly clear that this plan was not going to work out the way I had hoped.

Our plan was to have a home birth with our fabulous midwife.  We planned on setting up a birthing pool so that we could experience a water birth if it felt right.  I looked forward to being in the comfort of our own home to labor and meet our precious little one.  That all changed when my water suddenly broke in the middle of the night 5 days before my due date.

Thursday, June 27

When my water broke at 1am,  I waited patiently for some contractions to start, and when I started to feel mild ones I woke Dan and told him that he most likely would be meeting his son that day!  It was hard to sleep as I anticipated the impending labor, however I knew that if I didn't get sleep I'd regret it.  I was eventually able to fall back asleep for a few hours and in the morning around 7am called my midwife.  She reassured me that this could take a while, but that we were so close to meeting our little guy. 

Throughout the day Thursday I tried to distract myself from the mild contractions.  I started to make a mobile for the nursery to keep my mind off of it.  In the afternoon I went to see my midwife to confirm that my water had broken and that the baby was still doing alright.  She had me take a non-stress test to monitor the baby for 30 minutes, during which the baby was super active and happy as can be.  She also confirmed that the mild contractions I was feeling were more like Braxton Hicks and prescribed some antibiotics for me to take to ensure I didn't get an infection then sent me home to wait it out.

Friday, June 28

That night the anticipation of meeting our little guy soon made it difficult to sleep.  At some point I did finally fall asleep, but at 1am I was woken by sudden intense contractions.  I woke Dan and we began timing them.  10 minutes, 8 minutes, 6 minutes.  Over the course of 3 hours they had become roughly 6 minutes apart and significantly stronger than the previous day.  This is when Dan decided it might be time to set up the birthing tub.  So he and my mother {who'd been staying with us since my water broke} set up the tub while I tried to get more rest.  Some how I was able to drift off to sleep for about 2 hours.  In the morning we called the midwife, letting her know that my contractions were still around 6 minutes.

I again tried to keep my mind off of the contractions.  I tried watching a movie {ironically, "What to Expect When You're Expecting"} while bouncing on the birthing ball - but it was too hard to focus.  Then I decided to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies, which took forever, as I was only able to do one step between each of the contractions.  By now it was afternoon and the contractions were still only 6 minutes apart.  I felt stuck.  I called the midwife again and we decided to do another non-stress test to check on the baby.

After the test confirmed that the baby was doing just fine, we talked about what would be next.  We decided that if the baby hadn't arrived {or was at least on his way} by Saturday morning, that we'd go to the hospital to be induced.  In the mean time there were a few things I could try to do at home to help augment the contractions.  Once home again, I busted out my new breast pump and gave it a try - this plus some laps around the house did wonders at increasing the frequency and intensity of the contractions, but when I stopped, so did the contractions.

By 7pm I felt defeated.  It had been 42 hours since my water had broken and I wasn't getting any closer to active labor.  Dan and I decided that instead of spending another sleepless night waiting it out, that it was probably better to head to the hospital to be induced that night.

We met our midwife at the hospital at 9pm and by 10 I was hooked up to the IV with antibiotics for the baby and began our first round of Cytotec.  Then the Dr. checked me and I was already dilated to 4cm, 90% effaced, and the baby was at a +1 station!  Amazing!  {So, for the past 45 hours my body WAS doing something, just slowly!}  This news was enough to get me to relax which brought on more contractions fairly quickly.  Once the Cytotec started working, we were in active labor!

Saturday, June 29

The rest of the night is kind of a blur, but somewhere around 1:30am I insisted that Dan get the nurse to check me again as I was ready to push.  He kept trying to hold me off, saying she'd be back soon.  Poor guy was trying so hard to guard me from defeat, concerned that she'd check and I wouldn't be there yet.  After a few more requests, our midwife went to get the nurse, and sure enough when she checked I was fully dilated and it was indeed time to push!

Caleb Roscoe was born at 3:03 am, after a total of 50 hours of labor!


I don't remember much of the night, but this video tells the story so much better than I ever could anyways.  I'm so thankful to have had my dear friend Mackenzie there to capture this amazing night for us!  What a blessing to be able to look back and see this incredible experience from another perspective.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

dear caleb / / week one

Dear Caleb,

You're a week old today!  It's hard to believe that just one week ago you were placed in our arms for the first time, it feels like we've known you forever. From your head full of hair to your big ol' feet, we love you to pieces.

Sometimes we find ourselves just staring at you, taking in each and every part of you, committing it to memory. You love to make silly faces and have begun to give us little smiles, which melt our hearts!

We're pretty sure you're going to have dark eyes to match your beautiful dark hair. Though daddy thinks you have a "Cripe" nose, I think you look just like your daddy - which makes mommy smile!  Your little grunts are so cute - we're pretty sure "Roscoe" is going to fit you just fine! 

You're growing so fast. Too fast! You were back up to your birth weight at just 4 days old. You're a fantastic eater and sleeper - which makes mommy and daddy so thankful! We're both starting to feel caught up on sleep after our exhausting first week together!

You love to cuddle and curl up on mommy and daddy's chests. You're very strong - pushing and kicking your way into a comfortable position. When laid on your back, you almost immediately roll over onto your side with your hands by your face. You hate to be swaddled with your hands down and will use all your great strength to wiggle your hands free so that you can suck on your fist. Pretty sure you're going to be our little thumb sucker. 

You've had a busy first week with a trip to the pediatrician and loads of visitors! But you're a trooper and rarely fuss or cry {except when you're hungry and mommy's not fast enough!} 

love you always,
mommy & daddy

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