Saturday, July 27, 2013

dear caleb // week four

Dear Caleb,

As we round out our first month together, it's clear to see that our little family of three was meant to be!  In so many ways you make our life as a family feel more complete.  We knew that once you came along our lives would change, but we never imagined how much.

Since your arrival the house has not been clean, dishes and laundry have not been put away, the grass has not been fully mowed, the garden has gone days without water, Daddy has been late for work on numerous occasions, and Mommy has spent entire days on the couch...and it's all okay by us because with you around, none of that seems to matter!

We took our first trip to the farm together and it was so nice to be out of the city for a while.  You of course slept the majority of the time, but everyone enjoyed passing you around!  Maggie was thrilled to finally get some play time.

You really enjoy tummy time right now.  You would spend all day just hanging out on your tummy if you were just a bit stronger to hold that head steady!  Often you and mommy take naps in the big bed so you can lay on your side or tummy which is the only way you'll nap other than on mommy's chest!

This week you found your little hands and in turn found your mouth and ears!  It was so fun to watch you make this discovery.  Though we are not eager for you to grow up, we love watching you learn and grow!

love you always,
mommy & daddy

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