Saturday, July 6, 2013

dear caleb / / week one

Dear Caleb,

You're a week old today!  It's hard to believe that just one week ago you were placed in our arms for the first time, it feels like we've known you forever. From your head full of hair to your big ol' feet, we love you to pieces.

Sometimes we find ourselves just staring at you, taking in each and every part of you, committing it to memory. You love to make silly faces and have begun to give us little smiles, which melt our hearts!

We're pretty sure you're going to have dark eyes to match your beautiful dark hair. Though daddy thinks you have a "Cripe" nose, I think you look just like your daddy - which makes mommy smile!  Your little grunts are so cute - we're pretty sure "Roscoe" is going to fit you just fine! 

You're growing so fast. Too fast! You were back up to your birth weight at just 4 days old. You're a fantastic eater and sleeper - which makes mommy and daddy so thankful! We're both starting to feel caught up on sleep after our exhausting first week together!

You love to cuddle and curl up on mommy and daddy's chests. You're very strong - pushing and kicking your way into a comfortable position. When laid on your back, you almost immediately roll over onto your side with your hands by your face. You hate to be swaddled with your hands down and will use all your great strength to wiggle your hands free so that you can suck on your fist. Pretty sure you're going to be our little thumb sucker. 

You've had a busy first week with a trip to the pediatrician and loads of visitors! But you're a trooper and rarely fuss or cry {except when you're hungry and mommy's not fast enough!} 

love you always,
mommy & daddy

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