Saturday, August 3, 2013

dear caleb // one month

Dear Caleb,

You're five weeks old, and just like that you're no longer our little newborn!  When people ask how old you are we now respond with a confident "one month"!!  One month isn't a long time, but a lot sure has changed - you sure have changed - in a months time.

This week was a turning point for us as parents, mama finally got up enough courage to attempt to pump again which meant daddy got to give you your first bottle.  You weren't a fan at first, but after a few tries you have decided that it's alright!  Our routine now is for daddy to give you a bottle when he gets home from work which gives mama a break and some alone time.

We are still working on a routine, but most days you take a two hour nap in the morning and another in the afternoon.  Your naps have gotten longer now that we have moved you into a pack-and-play which allows you to sleep on your side! {Thanks Heironimi for letting us borrow this!}

This week we also got a video monitor.  We weren't sure we would need one until you were in your own room, but man do we love it!  {Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for this awesome gift!} Now, instead of hovering over you during nap time, mama actually gets things like dishes and laundry done!!  It has also allowed daddy AND mama to continue working on fixing up the upstairs!

Each week you're discovering new things.  Last week it was your hands and this week your voice.  My have you found you voice!  You have learned to communicate an urgency like no other, no longer are your cries mild and soft, they're now chilling!  They demand immediate attention - and rightly so!   We are slowly learning the differences in your cries and when we hear this one, it's likely meal time.  Other times when you halfheartedly whimper, it's most likely because you're tired and have decided that the world is too interesting to close your eyes.  At this point it often requires a close cuddle with mama or daddy to get you to fall asleep!

The most amazing thing this week was the appearance of your smiles.  Oh, you have a wonderful smile!  Can't wait to catch a few on camera!

love you always,
mama & daddy

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