Monday, August 19, 2013

dear caleb // week seven

Dear Caleb, 

You're our little string bean.  Those legs of yours just keep getting longer.  Every night when we swaddle you up we notice just how tight those little swaddles are getting!  Even some of your onesies are getting too tight to snap; we're going to have to start packing up these and get out the next size!  It's bittersweet watching you grow.  It's so much fun watching you learn new things, but time is flying by too quickly.  Keep growing little one.

You're our little wiggler, always moving, just like your Daddy.  Your naps have shortened throughout the day but you wear yourself out quickly with all your moving around!  Every afternoon we spend some time on your play mat and you love to kick the chimes with your feet.  You're "stand" on those strong legs of yours.  During tummy time, you've learned to push your entire chest off the ground.  Keep moving little one.  

You love, love, love to be outside.  Sometimes when you're fussy we head out onto the porch for a little rocking in great-grandma's old chair.  The weather has been cool enough to wrap up in all your beautiful handmade blankets from family and friends.  I love watching you touch and explore the different fabrics and textures.  Keep learning little one.

Little one, you light up our life!

love you always, 
mama & daddy

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