Saturday, August 10, 2013

dear caleb // week six

Dear Caleb,

This week you were very generous with your smiles!  Boy, oh boy, do you have great smiles.  Daddy and I spent much of the week doing anything and everything to get you to show us that little grin, there is no better gift than to see your baby smile!

You smile in the morning as you're waking up, telling us "good morning."
You smile when you're being changed, as if to say "thank you for finally understanding my cries."
You smile when you're nursing, making eye contact with mama.
You smile when you're sitting in your bouncy, checking out the birds that bounce around with you.
You smile while taking a bath and kicking your legs to splash the water.
You smile when playing peek-a-boo with mama.
You smile during tummy time with daddy.
You smile when Maggie sniffs your toes.
Sometimes, you smile for no reason at all!

But the best smiles are those when you're looking right at us.  When your little eyes lock with ours and the corners of your mouth begin to turn up.  Yes, those smiles are the best.  Those smiles stop us in our tracks and you have our full attention.  Sometimes you even start to giggle with that adorable little voice of yours!  You're so animated, telling us a story, urging us to enter your world.  When you smile, we can't help but smile right back at you, they're so contagious!  Keep it up dear little one, you rock our world!

love you always,
mama & daddy

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