Monday, September 23, 2013

dear caleb // week twelve

Dear Caleb,

This week you've been all about your toys!  You've started to explore just about anything you can get your hands on, though you haven't quite mastered control of your hands and get frustrated when you can't reach or push something just out of your reach.

We built you a little tripod to hang some toys for and you especially like the bell.  You try to swat at it with your hands, but much prefer to use your feet.  Your new tripod lets us hang just about anything you're interested in and change them out as your interests change.  You enjoy trying to grab at the links as well as a puzzle ball Nana made you.

Though Maggie is quite jealous of the attention we give you, she loves to cuddle in next to you while you play.  She really is your protector, and you don't mind one bit!

We love spending our evenings on the floor with you playing and exploring!

love you always,
mama & daddy

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