Monday, September 2, 2013

dear caleb // week nine

Dear Caleb,

When you came along, our whole world changed.  Like this letter, we're rarely on time for anything these days. (I'm writing this a week late, but who cares? at least I'm writing it!)  Getting out of the house is quite the feat these days.  Doing so without forgetting something is rare.  Like the other day when I was visiting friends for the afternoon and realized that I had forgotten to put diapers in the diaper bag.  Seriously, not a single one!  Luckily these friends, who have a two year old, were able to locate the one and only little diaper in their house, on a teddy bear!

Lesson learned: never leave the house without diapers!  Diapers are now hidden in multiple compartments in both cars!

You're full of lessons for mama and daddy. Lessons of patience and perseverance when we can't seem to find what calms you.  Lessons that practice makes perfect when we can't seem to change a diaper without getting wet.  Lessons not to take ourselves so seriously when you spit-up on the bed for the tenth time this week, while giving us the best gummy grins!  Lessons of love and laughter when our heart opens just a little more each time you look us in the eyes with that big ol' smile and start to "talk" to us.

Little one you are truly amazing.  Just when we think we've learned all we can, you teach us more!

love you always,
mama & daddy

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  1. OMG this kid might out-personality the two of you and you two have amazing charisma !!!!!!! We miss you at Market Square and AWE--by the way.