Tuesday, October 29, 2013

dear caleb // four months

16lbs. 14 ozs. // 27 inches
Dear Caleb,

Today you're four months old!  That's 122 days of your smiles, snuggles, and giggles.  These past 17 weeks have gone so fast, we want to remember every detail!

You're our healthy, strong and very BIG boy.  You're growing so fast that you're often only able to wear an outfit once because you outgrow it by the time I get it washed!  You're long and wiggly.

A few weeks you found your feet and take every opportunity you can to try and shove them in your mouth!  It's adorable to watch you reach for and grab onto those little toes of yours, but sure does make changing your diaper much more difficult!

You're able to track Mama and Daddy and are aware when we leave the room...you don't like being alone much at all!  You so love your puppy Maggie, and she wants to be right by your side all day.  Mama often finds her laying under your bassinet when you're napping!

It seems that at just under 3 months you started teething.  We have yet to see any teeth, just lots of drool, which means that bibs are now required attire for you!  When your fingers aren't in your mouth, you love to touch and feel anything within reach.  You really like snuggling with your giraffe {thanks Avery!} and sometimes you reach for and check out our faces, it's like you're committing them to memory!  It's the best!

You sure do love to move!  This month you've fallen in love with the jumperoo and your new swing!  Your little legs get tired quickly in the jumperoo, but you enjoy bouncing up and down and hearing the springs!  Mama though we needed a swing so that we have something to do outside as the weather gets cooler.  You're not sure yet about sitting in there for very long, but seem to enjoy the fresh air when we get outside.  I think you'll come to love it!

Thankfully, as long as you're fed and changed, you enjoy being in the car. Mama will take you for a trip to the store if you're fussy and can't seem to find sleep.  You also enjoy being in the ergo, Daddy likes this best as he can take you for long walks in the woods with you snuggled up on his chest!

You've almost got the hang of sitting up!  I think you especially like that you're able to see everything going on when you're sitting up.  With a little more practice, I think you'll be doing it all on your own soon!

We love you so much buddy, look forward to watching you grow and learn for years to come!

love you forever,
mama & daddy

Caleb at one month, two months, and three months. Read more letters to Caleb here.

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