Thursday, October 31, 2013

diy halloween costume

Happy Halloween from our little bandit.

This was the easiest diy halloween costume every!  A friend passed down this adorable onesie when their little gal outgrew it.  Unfortunately, Caleb got very little wear out of it because he was so big {it's size 0-3mo}.  Thankfully the fabric stretched enough for us to squeeze him in it one last time.  Added some black leggings {also girls, but don't tell Daddy!  I think they're super cute and way easier than lose fitting pants for baby!}

His mask is just an old black t-shirt cut into about a 2 inch strip with circles cut for the eyes...this was my second attempt as the first the holes were too small and close together.  The bigger the eye holes the easier for baby to see, no eyelashes getting caught on fabric.  The money bag is an old cotton bag that I got with a yarn purchase.  I turned it inside out, one to hide the printing on it and also to expose the seams which I thought made it look a little more "authentic".  I drew the $ with a sharpie and pulled the drawstring out of the bag to make a tie.

To fill the bag, I stuffed it with a some paper from our recycling bin.   Caleb has been enjoying grabbing onto things lately and was able to grab onto the top of the bag easily enough and keep a grasp as it was so light.  I was surprised that the mask didn't bother him at all either, he left it on much of the evening!

Instead of trick-or-treating, we decided to head out to the farm to visit Nana and Papaw and Uncle Josh and Aunt Ris.  It was fun to show off his costume and enjoy an evening with family sans the craziness of Halloween!  I'm sure we won't be able to get off so easily next year!

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