Thursday, November 21, 2013

dear caleb // week twenty

Dear Caleb,

I want to remember..

the milky smell of your breath as you talk to me.
the way you smile with your eyes.
the way your hands grab at my cheeks, as if you're trying to learn every inch of my face.
the intensity of your gaze as your eyes lock with mine.
the look you give your daddy as soon as he walks in the room.
how happy you are first thing in the morning.
how much you love being naked.
that no matter how upset you are I can always make you smile.
the way you grab at my mouth as I'm singing you to sleep.
the way you bury your face in my neck to hide your eyes from the light during our late night feedings.
the way you sigh and whistle in your sleep.

Little one, I want to remember it all!

Love you forever and always,

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