Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Grammy and Poppy came to visit!

This is their third visit since Caleb was born, but by far the best to watch unfold.  Now, as opposed to the past visit when Caleb was just seven weeks old, Caleb is so interactive and alert.  He definitely stole their hearts once again the minute they walked in the door.  

Even after a long day of driving, all the way from Pennsylvania, the had loads of fun playing with Caleb before bedtime.  They even brought some of Dan's favorite books as a child for us to read with Caleb!

Poppy has the magic touch and was able to get Caleb down for a nap a number of times.  I don't think he minded the extra snuggles! 

Saturday we all enjoyed a laid back day around the house.  Sunday we celebrated Caleb's Baptism and they headed home Monday.  Their visits never seem quite long enough, but we're all looking forward to a nice long trip out to Pennsylvania for Christmas!

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