Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas // part 1

This year we traveled to Pennsylvania to visit Dan's family for Christmas.  It was Caleb's first long distance trip and he did incredibly well!

We decided to leave early (early!) morning at 3am, and were able to get a little more than 1/2 way before Caleb woke up!  Leaving so early meant that we arrived just before lunch time, which made the day seem super long, but allowed us to have more of the day to visit.

Caleb met his Aunt Kristin & Uncle Andrew for the first time.

I'm not sure who was more excited for this meeting!

The afternoon was spent ogling the baby and napping.  Unfortunately, Caleb fell asleep minutes before we were going to leave for Christmas Eve service, so he and I stayed back while the others went to the service.

Christmas morning was a lovely mix of excitement and relaxation.  Everyone was excited to see Caleb tear into his gifts.  He loved every minute of it!  As expected, he enjoyed the wrapping paper far more that the gifts themselves, but once we removed the paper, he had a great time playing with his new instrument set from Grammy & Poppy.


The next few days were filled with visits from family and friends, many whom had never met our little guy.  

We are so thankful to have been able to travel this year and introduce our little guy to this side of the family.  Caleb was such an amazing little traveler, happy and content much of the visit, and endured the nine hour car ride like a champ!

dear caleb // six months

Dear Caleb,

Happy 1/2 birthday!

18lb 15 oz // 27 inches

The past 6 months have flown by, it's hard to believe that just 6 short months from now we'll be celebrating your first birthday!

This month was a monumental month for you.  It seems like over night you went from our cuddly little bundle to an active ball of energy.  You do not enjoy sitting still!  Which I guess is fitting as mama and daddy struggle with that as well!

You mastered sitting up just in time for Christmas.  It was loads of fun to watch you sitting up on your own tearing (literally) into your gifts.  You were definitely the highlight of everyones holiday!

You have spent the past few months working hard to cut some teeth...still have yet to see one, but you take every opportunity you can to chew on whatever you can get your hands on.

You love story time with mama & daddy, and have started to explore books on your own too.  You've also become quite the social butterfly.

You absolutely love playing with other kiddos!  We try to get together with Raelynn for a playdate each week!

This month you were able to have your first snow experience!!  It was deep and wet enough that we could just plop you right down on the snow and it created a kind of seat for you!  You enjoyed feeling it with your fingers.  Your excitement didn't last too long though as that snow was super cold and your tiny fingers turned red after trying to eat a few handfuls of snow!

Little one, it's so much fun to watch you learn and grow!  We love you!

love always,
mama & daddy

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

In an attempt to save money and resources, we opted for a digital Christmas Card this year.  It was fun to re-live all the incredible changes we experienced this past year...looking forward to 2014, the best is yet to come!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas from the Ankneys!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas cookie bake

My dear friend Bethany invited us to spend the day baking cookies with her family and it was marvelous!

We invited Nana to join us since it was super snowy and the roads weren't the greatest.  The drive to Bethany's house took a little longer than normal, but it was great to spend some time with my mom.  Once we arrived, we enjoyed hours of cookie baking with the most glorious snow falling out the windows!

 Everyone made some cookie dough to share and we spent the day baking batch after batch.  Caleb and I brought some oatmeal chocolate chip and oatmeal cranberry cookie dough.  After all the cookies and other goodies were baked, we filled plates and goodie bags with a variety of cookies to share with family and friends.

It was a great way to spend a snowy Saturday and we left with more cookies than we knew what to do with!  So thankful for friends like Bethany who feel more like family than friends!  Looking forward to making this a yearly tradition!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

a walk in the woods // fall edition

As fall comes to a close and winter draws nearer, I'm thankful that we've been able to get out and enjoy our woods a little bit this year.

While Dan's parents were visiting, the weather was nice enough to take a lovely family walk through the woods together for some fresh air.

Taking Maggie in the woods is like playing "Where's Waldo?" in a sea of red and white.  Every time we put Caleb's carrier on, she thinks were going to go on a walk!  I've been trying hard to get her out there at least every other day, but I know as the weather starts to get colder, this will continue to get harder!

Caleb is a big fan of our walks.  He loves riding in the ergo and being able to see everything, such an inquisitive little man.

We never take enough time to enjoy these wonderful woods of ours, but I can be sure that in the coming years they will be home to many forts, camp fires, and loads of hikes!