Saturday, December 7, 2013

a walk in the woods // fall edition

As fall comes to a close and winter draws nearer, I'm thankful that we've been able to get out and enjoy our woods a little bit this year.

While Dan's parents were visiting, the weather was nice enough to take a lovely family walk through the woods together for some fresh air.

Taking Maggie in the woods is like playing "Where's Waldo?" in a sea of red and white.  Every time we put Caleb's carrier on, she thinks were going to go on a walk!  I've been trying hard to get her out there at least every other day, but I know as the weather starts to get colder, this will continue to get harder!

Caleb is a big fan of our walks.  He loves riding in the ergo and being able to see everything, such an inquisitive little man.

We never take enough time to enjoy these wonderful woods of ours, but I can be sure that in the coming years they will be home to many forts, camp fires, and loads of hikes!

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