Monday, December 29, 2014

Caleb's 1/2 birthday!

Happy 1/2 Birthday, sweet boy!!

 Started with the sprinkles!

Oh no!  Where'd it go!?!?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

six years.

Celebrating 6 years of amazing adventures with this incredible man today! Life is so much better with you by my side! Here's to a million more years of wild and crazy adventures! XOXO

Monday, November 17, 2014

it's snowing!

Caleb Roscoe - 16 months

And he's loving it!  He could sit right here all day and watch the snow fall and gather on the trees and ground.  I love watching him take it all in.  Such wonder and excitement at experiencing something for the first time. (last year he was just too little to understand!)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

tot school // fall

Fall is by far our favorite time of year around here.

Over the past few weeks we've soaked up the last bits of the warmer weather with lots and lots of nature walks.

We visited the apple orchard earlier in the season, but we've been enjoying loads of apples for weeks and weeks.  We used some of the apples to make some applesauce one afternoon, which he loved!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Porch Progress.

So I realized recently that we never shared our new screened in porch.  I didn't do a very good job of documenting the process...but I was able to find a few pictures to show you!  

I found this photo from July. 
Dan did such an amazing job getting the railing up before Caleb's birthday party!  After the railing was up, the screening process didn't take too long.  But then the garden and yard took priority. 

Then later this fall, Dan re-built the steps!  Unfortunately, the steps will need to "cure" over the winter so we'll have to wait until spring to paint them white.

We cleaned up the flower beds this past weekend and planted some new bulbs, I'm excited to share pictures of the FINISHED project this spring with all the flowers in bloom!

And just to refresh your memory, here's a little before!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

happy halloween from our wiggly little rooster

Caleb HAD to be a rooster this year!  

His costume was a super easy DIY: hot glued some feathers to a onesie, added a red comb to a white hat (I made this hat from another onesie), and tape a pair of stuffed rubber gloves to his shoes!!  (check out more details here

Knowing that Caleb probably wouldn't be into the whole trick or treating thing, we decided to just stop by our church's trunk-or-treat event.  Unfortunately, it was a cold, rainy, windy, and SNOWY evening, so after about 3 cars, he was done!  We spent the rest of the time inside warming up with some cider then headed to our friends Chris & Alyssa's to play and hand out candy to other trick-or-treaters who braved the cold.

Despite the cold and SNOW, I think our little rooster had a great evening!  Maybe next year mama will remember to charge the camera batteries so we get some better pictures!

You can check out last years DIY costume here.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

tot school // the color yellow

The past two weeks we've been fighting an awful cold.  So our time spent on tot school has been very limited.

Caleb really loves playing in rice, so this week we mixed in a bunch of yellow items to explore.

This was our daily activity between extra naps and lots of snuggles.  Caleb has so much fun filling and dumping...usually keeping it all in the tub!

Because he loved the rice so much, we decided to make some fun colored rice for our upcoming "fall" theme.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

quilt 5/30

Months ago, before learning we were expecting baby #2, I decided to embark on a year long quilting journey.  My goal, to quilt thirty quilts before my 30th birthday, has always been about stretching myself and challenging my sewing skills.  At this point, I can't imagine meeting this goal by next May, but that's okay!  I'm having fun making a quilt or two every month and that's plenty with a toddler running around and a baby on the way!

When I learned my sister-in-law was expecting, I knew I wanted to to make a special quilt for my future niece or nephew....and when I stumbled upon this fabric at a quilting show in July, I knew it would make the perfect quilt!

I have been wanting to make a triangle quilt for some time and thought this was the prefect opportunity to try it out!

I knew my sister-in-law would love the patterns and found a great gold thread to tie it all together.  I opted for a cream fabric for the back and binding to help the gold thread to pop.  I even used the gold thread to "embroider" my signature - this is the first time I've ever done this to any of my quilts and I love the personal touch!

There was even enough fabric left over to make a small wetbag!

I'm so thrilled with how this quilt turned out and can't wait to see our niece snuggled up in it!

**fabrics used for this quilt are from the AUGUST by Sara Watts for Cotton + Steel collection.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

tot school // the color orange

The past few weeks for tot school we have been exploring the color orange.

Caleb LOVES crayons, so we did a little coloring before a snack time of oranges and carrots!

We also spent a lot of time enjoying the warmer weather searching for orange items like flowers and leaves.

I failed to get a photo of our orange kit from the library, but we read lots of books in addition to adding orange magnets to our magnet board.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

a quick trip to NYC

After spending the past 5 days in NYC, it's good to be home!!  I'm so glad we were able to schedule this trip before Kristin & Andrew move out of the city.  It was so great to see them before baby arrives as well!  Hard to believe that in just a few months we're going to be an aunt and uncle!!

Highlights from our trip include:
- Caleb's first airplane ride!  He LOVED watching the airplanes!  Thankfully we didn't have long layovers!

- Running into Tina Fey on the streets of Brooklyn.
- Riding the ferry to Manhattan to visit to the American Museum of Natural History.

- Picnicking in Central Park with our dear friend Chad and family!

- Checking out every park in sight!  Daddy taught Caleb how to climb up slides and we had to check out each and every slide at all the parks!

- Enjoying amazing soup dumplings and bubble tea in Chinatown.

- Caleb slept through his first subway ride!

- Eating copious amounts of delicious food thanks Kristin and Andrew's cooking skills!
Thank you for such an amazing visit, Kristin & Andrew! Wish we lived closer!!