Sunday, January 26, 2014


"A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014"

Caleb Roscoe: Investigating Maggie's paws, such an inquisitive little man.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January food swap

Last weekend we joined nearly 30 others for the Northeast Indiana Food Swap.  I stumbled upon this group on Facebook earlier in the month and it sounded like just our thing.

If you know Dan and I well, you know that we dream of living in community with our friends and family and would love to live in a world without paper money but be able to barter/trade for all that we need with those family and friends.

photo credit : Mary Willems-Aker
The really neat thing about this swap is that you don't know what you will find.  Interested folks sign up for a ticket {you must have a ticket to attend}, but beyond that you're free to bring whatever you want in terms of food to trade.  However, all items must be homemade, homegrown, or foraged.

The swap lasts about 2 hours.  The first 20-30 minutes are for setting up your table with the items you hope to trade.  Dan and I brought some of our homemade vanilla extract, homemade almond energy bars, canned "just apples" sauce, and some spaghetti squash from our garden this past summer.

photo credit : Mary Willems-Aker
The second 30 minutes or so are for scoping out what items you'd like to trade for.  Swappers are encouraged to provide samples of their items when possible, so this time is for taste testing and bidding.  Each item is accompanied by a bid sheet similar to that of a silent auction.  If there is an item you're interested in, you make a bid, stating what you'd be willing to trade for said item.

Once everyone has had an opportunity to sample and bid, it's time to swap.  Dan and I's approach was to start with one item and seek out those who'd bid on it for something we wanted.  For example, a couple who brought homemade Kombucha had offered to trade a bottle of their Kombucha for our spaghetti squash.  Dan took the spaghetti squash to them and returned with a lovely bottle of Kombucha.  Once we'd traded all of our spaghetti squash we moved on to the vanilla, and so on.

It was a lot of fun to meet new people and try some new items.  It's a great feeling to know where your food comes from and to be able to have a conversation with the person who put their time, energy, and love into making it!!

Here's a peak at what we brought home...

  • 2 lbs. lard
  • 2 bottles Ginger Kombucha
  • 2 bottles homebrew beer
  • 1 jar picked carrots
  • 1 jar cherry chutney
  • 1 jar jalapeƱo jelly
  • 1 jar vanilla peach butter
  • 1 jar curried cauliflower
  • coconut lara bars
  • turkey, kale, and bean soup
  • crockpot daal packet
  • chocolate chip/cranberry scone
  • coconut chocolate spread
  • bag of salted caramel pretzel snack
  • bag of homemade granola
If you're local, I highly recommend joining us for the April swap.  'Like' the Notheast Indiana Food Swap Facebook page to learn more!

Sunday, January 19, 2014


"A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014"

Caleb Roscoe: always happy post nap

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

i love saturdays

Sleeping in.
The three of us snuggling in the big bed.
My boy babbling.
Breakfast as a family.

Saturdays are good.

Friday, January 17, 2014

experimenting with kombucha

frozen blueberries added as icecubes

Last night we tried our first batch of our homemade kombucha.  Not sure what kombucha is?  Read more here and here.

Dan has been eager to try his hand at making his very own kombucha for months.  For Christmas his sister and brother-in-law shared their "mother" and got him all the essentials to get started.  He also received two books on the topic : The Art of Fermentation and Kombucha!

The process is really super simple. Brew tea, add sugar, add "mother/scobe", and let sit .  Google "how to make kombucha" and you'll find loads of resources on the topic.

Our book, Kombucha!, suggested that we leave it set for 7-9 days, however we realized a few days in that it wasn't staying warm enough in our kitchen and transferred it onto our seed warming mat.  Because of the temperature, we allowed ours to sit for 10 days total before bottling it.

We were able to bottle 3 1/2 bottles from our first batch.  We even added blueberries to one of the bottles to try our hand at Kombucha Soda.  Once the bottles sit for another 2-3 days we should have a lovely carbonated beverage!

Interested in trying it for yourself?  Here's a list of 50 Kombucha recipes.  

Have you ever made Kombucha?  We'd love to hear your favorite recipe.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

a day in the life @ 6 months

I've been working on this post for some time now, a little unsure on how to approach it.  When a documented our day a few months ago, every day was nearly the same.  Now, it seems every day is completely different, unpredictable and fluid.  We like it this way, and it's especially helpful that Caleb is so flexible, but it makes documenting our day a little more difficult.  In late October, I started working part time.  Thankfully this job allows me to bring Caleb!  So two days a week he and I pack up mid-morning and head out for the day.  I've decided to document the other days here.  

It's 5:30 am // Caleb wakes for an early morning feeding.  After a quick diaper change and quick snuggle with daddy before he heads to work, Caleb eats eagerly and drifts back to sleep.

It's 6:15 am //  I roll out of bed unable to fall back asleep.  Start a pot of coffee and make some eggs for breakfast.

It's 8:00 am // From the living room, I hear Caleb start to babble.  Mornings are our favorite.  It's rare that our little guy wakes up anything but happy! I listen for a while before going in to scoop him up.

It's 8:30 am // Depending on the day Caleb may be super hungry and want to feed right after waking away, but more likely, the little man wakes up needing to burn off some energy before he can focus on eating!  Today it's the later.  I grab a few toys and together we spend some time playing on the floor.  Lately Caleb has been practicing rocking on his hands and knees.

It's 9:30 am // Time to tackle my to-do list. While Caleb is jumping like crazy in his jump and go, this mama runs around like a crazy person trying to cross things off her to-do list.  Endless loads of cloth diapers, dishes, and general clean up often fill these few precious moments.  If I'm lucky, I'm able to get to a few tasks on my actual to-do list.

It's 10:15 am // Nap time.  We've set up a temporary room for Caleb in our spare room until we're able to finish the upstairs and his nursery.  Over the past few weeks we've been transitioning him into his crib.  We read a few stories and sing a couple of songs while rocking until Caleb begins to rub his eyes.  Unfortunately, he's got a cold and is cutting a tooth and prefers to cuddle until he falls asleep, which means it's more difficult to get him into his crib without waking him up and starting the process all over again!  Today it only takes three tries to get him in his crib, success!

It's 10:45 am // More to-do list. now that the baby is asleep, I can push through that to-do list more quickly.

It's 12:45 pm // We're both fed and dressed, time to run some errands.  Today we're grocery shopping.  I put Caleb in the ergo carrier while we shop and he enjoys looking around for a while before drifting off to sleep.  Not wanting to wake him, I decide to roam the isles of Target while he naps! Win-win!

It's 3:00 pm // After running around, Caleb has loads of energy to burn off.  Together we play with the awesome puzzle Papaw made him for Christmas.  While I usually give Caleb freedom to choose the toys he plays with, once a day I try to guide him in a more intentional activity.  Today we talked about shapes, texture, color, and the concepts of in/out and on/off.  My intent is not to "teach" this information to Caleb right now, but to expose him to the language.

It's 5:30 pm // Caleb is tired, but won't go down for a nap.  I'm trying to get dinner finished.  Dan arrives home from work so I pass off Caleb briefly while I finish the meal.  Then I take Caleb into his "bedroom" to nurse and he quickly falls asleep.  It takes a few tries but I'm able to get him into his crib for a nap while we eat dinner.

It's 6:15 pm // Nap over. Our boy sure knows how to cat nap!  We strap him into his high chair and give him a few pieces of food to play with/chew on while we finish dinner.  Tonight it's bananas and he loves them.  Learn more about what foods Caleb has been enjoying here.

It's 7:30 pm // Caleb loves bath time.  This boy would stay in the tub all day and all night if we let him, and now that he's able to sit up on his own, it's a whole lot more enjoyable for mama and daddy too!  After his bath, we put on some lavender lotion and jammies then head to his "bedroom" for stories, songs, and a final feeding before bed.

It's 9:30 pm // He's asleep!  Sometimes our night time routine is quick and painless, but other times it's a long, exhausting, drawn out process.  Tonight it was the latter.  Caleb was not interested in cuddling, but rather wanted to jump on mama!  We read a few extra stories and sang a few extra silly songs and after a while in the dark he was able to finally crash.

It's 10:00 pm // We're all settled into bed, Dan and Caleb both sleeping, and this mama gets a few minutes alone to read before turning out the light.

Monday, January 13, 2014


"A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014"

Caleb Roscoe: first walk in the snow
Daddy: loves sharing new experiences with his boy

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Holidays are a time for traditions.  Many families look forward to this time of year for just that reason.  Being that we'll never be in the same place for holidays two years in a row, it makes it a little difficult for us to have any true traditions with our little family.  This year, we've decided to begin a few family traditions for ourselves.

Half Birthday Celebration!
Caleb's 1/2 birthday falls right smack in the middle of Christmas and New Years, a time when we're most likely to be home from traveling.  After returning form Pennsylvania, I decided to make a 1/2 cake to celebrate and enjoy an evening together as a family.  This year it was just Dan and I (though we saved the cake for our new years eve celebration with friends), but next year it'll be all about Mr. Caleb (who'll be 1 1/2!!!!).  We'll have his favorite foods for dinner, followed by cake and maybe some snow-cream!  It'll be an evening to celebrate our little family and our growing boy.  I plan to do the same with future kiddos as well.  I love the idea of setting aside another day to celebrate our child, a tradition that they'll look forward to each year!

New Years Day Breakfast.
Last year, on a whim, Dan and I wend out for breakfast on New Years morning.  I can't remember doing anything wild and crazy the night before, but then again I was well into my first trimester of pregnancy and much of that is a blur!  What I do remember is that we had an incredible breakfast together recapping the year and getting excited for the year to come.  2013 was a monumental year for us!  I loved beginning the year this way, so when Dan suggested we do the same this year I was all about it!  After waking up leisurely - we stayed up until midnight, but only because the baby wasn't asleep yet - we loaded up the car for Christmas with my parents and headed to breakfast at Liberty Diner.  "Table for 2 and a half, please!"  Once again we talked about our highlights for the year and dreaming about what 2014 will look like.  (Caleb will walk and talk this year!!!)  I loved being able to spend this extra time with my boys.  I'm so looking forward to years to come when we'll be able to share in this tradition with our growing children!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow Day!

It snowed.

A lot.

So Daddy got to stay home for an extra day!

Caleb got to try out his new sled!

And Maggie got to play!

It was a great day!

dear caleb // week twenty-seven

Dear Caleb,

With the new year, came a new adventure for you: real food!  So far, you're a HUGE fan!

We started by just giving you a little taste of various things on our plates.  Then gradually we started letting you chew on some frozen fruits and veggies.  Finally, we tried steamed or canned fruits and veggies. 

Though I think you prefer the frozen foods as they help ease your sore gums, you definitely love anything pickled!

Here's a list of what you've tried so far:
  • pineapple chunks
  • frozen strawberries (from Grammy & Poppy's garden)
  • dill pickle
  • frozen peaches (from Nana & Papaw's trees)
  • dilly bean (from Nana & Papaw's garden)
  • steamed cauliflower
  • frozen bell pepper slices (from our garden)
  • frozen broccoli (also from our garden)
  • frozen banana
  • steamed sweet potato

I think aside from enjoying all the new flavors, you're enjoying the mess you get to make!  It's loads of fun to watch your facial expressions as you explore new tastes and textures for the first time.

Though we plan to take it slow, we can already tell you're going to be a great eater...but then, we already knew that!

love you always,
mama & daddy

Read more letters to Caleb here.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


"A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014"

This year I'm joining Jodi over at Practising Simplicity in her 52 Photos Project.  As I'm sure Caleb will continue to be the star around here, I want these photos to reflect not only him but our whole family.  So instead of "a portrait of my children", I've opted for "a portrait of my family" as the theme for this project, hopefully this way we will get a few more photos of Caleb and mama!  I hope to post a new photo very Sunday, so be sure to check back each week to see what we've been up to.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas // part 2

When we travel to PA for Christmas, we celebrate with my family on New Years Day.  We were especially excited to head to the farm this year as we hadn't seen our Maggie in over a week.  (Thanks mom and dad for dog-sitting!)  The minute we opened the car door, she jumped into the backseat ready to go, I think she missed us!

I'm pretty sure my dad wins the "Most Excited to Celebrate Christmas" award this year!  It was awesome to watch both him and my mom excited to spoil Mr. Caleb.

And spoil they did!  Check out the size of that wagon, and the smile on Caleb's face!!  (I'm pretty sure it's going to live on the farm, no way it's ever fitting in our car!)

And those awesome teething toys - courtesy of my dad!  Apparently, after making the Indiana one, my brother asked "What about Pennsylvania?".  So, he made a second!

Once again Caleb was the star of the show!

So fun to see the men in my life love on my boy!