Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas // part 2

When we travel to PA for Christmas, we celebrate with my family on New Years Day.  We were especially excited to head to the farm this year as we hadn't seen our Maggie in over a week.  (Thanks mom and dad for dog-sitting!)  The minute we opened the car door, she jumped into the backseat ready to go, I think she missed us!

I'm pretty sure my dad wins the "Most Excited to Celebrate Christmas" award this year!  It was awesome to watch both him and my mom excited to spoil Mr. Caleb.

And spoil they did!  Check out the size of that wagon, and the smile on Caleb's face!!  (I'm pretty sure it's going to live on the farm, no way it's ever fitting in our car!)

And those awesome teething toys - courtesy of my dad!  Apparently, after making the Indiana one, my brother asked "What about Pennsylvania?".  So, he made a second!

Once again Caleb was the star of the show!

So fun to see the men in my life love on my boy!

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