Friday, January 17, 2014

experimenting with kombucha

frozen blueberries added as icecubes

Last night we tried our first batch of our homemade kombucha.  Not sure what kombucha is?  Read more here and here.

Dan has been eager to try his hand at making his very own kombucha for months.  For Christmas his sister and brother-in-law shared their "mother" and got him all the essentials to get started.  He also received two books on the topic : The Art of Fermentation and Kombucha!

The process is really super simple. Brew tea, add sugar, add "mother/scobe", and let sit .  Google "how to make kombucha" and you'll find loads of resources on the topic.

Our book, Kombucha!, suggested that we leave it set for 7-9 days, however we realized a few days in that it wasn't staying warm enough in our kitchen and transferred it onto our seed warming mat.  Because of the temperature, we allowed ours to sit for 10 days total before bottling it.

We were able to bottle 3 1/2 bottles from our first batch.  We even added blueberries to one of the bottles to try our hand at Kombucha Soda.  Once the bottles sit for another 2-3 days we should have a lovely carbonated beverage!

Interested in trying it for yourself?  Here's a list of 50 Kombucha recipes.  

Have you ever made Kombucha?  We'd love to hear your favorite recipe.

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