Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Holidays are a time for traditions.  Many families look forward to this time of year for just that reason.  Being that we'll never be in the same place for holidays two years in a row, it makes it a little difficult for us to have any true traditions with our little family.  This year, we've decided to begin a few family traditions for ourselves.

Half Birthday Celebration!
Caleb's 1/2 birthday falls right smack in the middle of Christmas and New Years, a time when we're most likely to be home from traveling.  After returning form Pennsylvania, I decided to make a 1/2 cake to celebrate and enjoy an evening together as a family.  This year it was just Dan and I (though we saved the cake for our new years eve celebration with friends), but next year it'll be all about Mr. Caleb (who'll be 1 1/2!!!!).  We'll have his favorite foods for dinner, followed by cake and maybe some snow-cream!  It'll be an evening to celebrate our little family and our growing boy.  I plan to do the same with future kiddos as well.  I love the idea of setting aside another day to celebrate our child, a tradition that they'll look forward to each year!

New Years Day Breakfast.
Last year, on a whim, Dan and I wend out for breakfast on New Years morning.  I can't remember doing anything wild and crazy the night before, but then again I was well into my first trimester of pregnancy and much of that is a blur!  What I do remember is that we had an incredible breakfast together recapping the year and getting excited for the year to come.  2013 was a monumental year for us!  I loved beginning the year this way, so when Dan suggested we do the same this year I was all about it!  After waking up leisurely - we stayed up until midnight, but only because the baby wasn't asleep yet - we loaded up the car for Christmas with my parents and headed to breakfast at Liberty Diner.  "Table for 2 and a half, please!"  Once again we talked about our highlights for the year and dreaming about what 2014 will look like.  (Caleb will walk and talk this year!!!)  I loved being able to spend this extra time with my boys.  I'm so looking forward to years to come when we'll be able to share in this tradition with our growing children!

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