Monday, February 3, 2014

dear caleb // seven months

Dear Caleb,

Seven months.  And just like that you're on the move!  {These photos are getting harder and harder to take as you want to wiggle and are not a fan of laying down now that you can sit up!}

I can remember those first few weeks when it seemed like you were changing with every passing minute.  You seemed to grow so much over night, you looked different after a nap, and you learned more with each day.

That's how this past month has felt.  At Christmas you were just starting to master sitting up, now, you're crawling.  In just a months time, you've become so independent!

You're one active, happy, and social baby.  You are for sure the star of the show wherever you go!  You've cut your second tooth and still love to chew on anything you can get your hands on, including Maggie's toys!

With each passing day we fall more and more in love with the little boy you're becoming!  You learn something new every day and love to show off to your daddy the minute he walks in the door.

We love you so very much!

love always,
mama & daddy

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