Friday, February 7, 2014

master suite // sneak peek

We are so, so close to getting this space done.  So very close to finally moving upstairs.

We never expected this project to take this long (here's our first post about the space, April 2012).  We thought we'd be living up there by the time Caleb arrived (here's where we were a year later).  But as the story goes with most fixer-uppers, we had our fair share of roadblocks.

But, alas, here we are.  Nearing the finish line.  So close, in fact, that I've begun decorating!  The curtains have been hung and I'm working on cutting them to size.  Meanwhile, Dan is working at getting the trim up.

Here's what we've done so far:
replaced windows
gutted and built new bathroom
tiled shower
installed sink & toilet
re-wire/install new outlets
drywall & wallpaper stairwell
painted walls
hung ceiling fan
built second closet
re-insulate attic
installed new flooring in bedroom and bathroom (more on this coming soon!)

And what we have yet to finish:
cut curtains to size
finish trim
touch up paint on trim
install closet organization
install mirror and shelves in bathroom
have stairs carpeted
hang curtains on closets

Though the second list is nearly as long as the first, the items left to do are significantly less labor intensive!  Oh, we're close!!  Can't wait to share the finished product!

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