Tuesday, March 4, 2014

dear caleb // eight months

Dear Caleb,

As the pages of the calendar keep falling off, mama and daddy keep falling more in love with you and you're big personality!  At eight months old, you're a bundle of energy, curiosity, and persistence!  You rarely stop moving.  Even when being held, which you love, you're wiggling and kicking those chubby little legs.  You aren't a big fan of sleep, there's too much exploring to do!  And when there is something you want, you fight for it!  You've mastered pulling yourself up on just about anything you can grasp, you seem to really enjoy your new perspective!!

Your curiosity has given you one amazing little pincer grasp!  You have made it your mission to find (and put in your mouth) any small item you can find....current fav: little bits of paper left behind from mama's hole punch.  You LOVE all kinds of paper; the sound it makes and the way it tastes!  In addition to eating any paper in sight, you will eat any food in sight.  At the rate you're going, you're going to catch up to daddy in no time!  You love feeding yourself and especially love when it's a messy meal, which means you get to play in the bath after!

Little one, you're so much fun and we can't imagine life without you!

love you always,
mama & daddy

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