Wednesday, March 19, 2014

dear caleb // week thirty-seven

Dear Caleb,

Nothing makes me happier than seeing the look on your face when Daddy comes home each day.  The two of you have such a special bond, one that only a father and son can have.  These past few months it's been so amazing to sit on the sidelines and watch your love for one another grow.

Those early weeks and months were hard for Daddy.  He felt helpless in the storm of your tears and cries for Mama.  It was hard to watch as your time together was often cut short the minute I spoke or walked into the room.  Over the past few months your need for Mama has dwindled a bit and you're happy to spend time alone with your daddy.

You seem to sense the time of day he's supposed to be home from work and often start babbling, saying "da-da-da-da" in anticipation.  The minute he walks thought the front door, you perk up, and get the biggest smile on your face.  You crawl right to Daddy and climb up in his lap, reaching for his face as if to say "hello, Daddy, I've missed you!"

The time you get to spend together is such a blessing to your daddy as well.  He loves your one-on-one time and has started taking you on "boys only" trips to the hardware store.  I see the two of you getting into some fun projects over the coming years!

Little one, know that you and your daddy have something special!  And though it's mama writing these letters, your daddy loves you more than you can know!

love you forever,

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