Friday, March 21, 2014

our little family.

As I was cleaning off my camera, I came across this fun picture of the three of us.  I love how it depicts just what our life is like right now...Caleb really is the center of our world!!

I had a moment of sadness as I wished we had more photos of the three of us together, but after some searching on the blog I realized that I have posted a photo of the three of us a number of times since Caleb's arrival!  I was so excited to find these and hope to get at least one family photo a month this coming year.  I love the idea of maybe one day creating an album out of them!

You can see all of the photos here:

Caleb's birth, and our very first family photo
Caleb's first baseball game
Family photos taken by my sweet friend Mackenzie
Caleb's Baptism
New Years
Saturday mornings
Just us

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