Wednesday, April 2, 2014

chicks are here!

We did it!  We finally added chicks to our little homestead.  We've been dreaming about this for months!

We got a variety of breeds to hopefully make our flock a little diverse.  There are 6 Tetra Tint Pullets (a cross between Rhode Island Red Male & White Leghorn Female) three are dark and three are light.  The other 3 are Ameraucana.  The Ameraucana are known for laying Easter eggs, but they are unsexed so we may end up with a rooster!

They are a little over a week old and we have a temporary home set up for them in the kitchen.  They'll spend the next month or so there until they have all their feathers.  Then they'll be re-located to the backyard where we plan to create a small chicken run for them to roam.  Now the pressure is on to get that chicken coop finished!

In a few short months we'll have our very own free range, organic eggs....right in our backyard!!

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