Tuesday, April 29, 2014

dear caleb // month ten

Dear Caleb,

You're ten months old!!  To celebrate, I thought I'd share 10 fun facts about you.

1. You are obsessed with socks.  The minute you get in your carseat, you rip them off to play with them.  You seem to enjoy using them as a teether as well!

2.  Speaking of teeth, you currently have 3 bottom teeth and the tiniest sliver of a top tooth poking through.  Your toothy grin just keeps getting cuter!

3.  You can make an instrument out of anything!  Your current favorites are your maraca and egg shaker.

4.  Food is your favorite.  You are not at all picky - eating anything and everything we give you.  Bananas are by far your favorite, and sweet potatoes are a close second!

5.  You have the most amazing (and fast) crawl we've ever seen.  You use your left knee and your right foot to move across the floor with such speed and accuracy, it's hard for mama and daddy to keep up most days!

6.  You love being outside.  Your favorite thing to do is dig in the dirt and eat leaves and rocks.

7.  While playing outside, you and Maggie love to play tug-of-war with sticks.  She is so gentle with you, but you can sure give her a run for her money and never give up.

8.  Your first word was "sit."  You think it's Maggie's name and call for her often.

9.  No matter what, a bath will cheer you up.  You love to splash and play and have begun to lean over and drink the water!

10.  You learned to clap your hands and love to play "patty-cake", and just this week you learned to sign for "more" banana at breakfast!!

It's so fun to watch you learn and grow.  Everything is so new to you and it's amazing to get to experience this world in a whole new way with you!

love you forever,
mama & daddy

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