Sunday, June 22, 2014

chicken coop + chicken update

Remember when we got chicks?  Well they aren't so little any more!

Meet Red, the friendliest of all the chickens.

And here's Roo, the feistiest of the two roosters we ended up with... and turns out their not "Ameraucanas", but actually a breed called "Easter Eggers"!

He's very protective of this little lady, our only Easter Egger hen....can't wait to get some beautiful colored eggs from this beauty.

This spring, Dan saw a listing on Craigslist for a free wooden privacy fence, all we had to do was go take it down.  We immediately thought this wood would make a fantastic chicken coop, so we spent a few weekends tearing down and hauling 100+ feet of fence wood home!

Then it took another month or so of weekends to actually build the coop, but we're pretty thrilled by the finished product!

The back door is perfect for accessing the food and cleaning out the coop.  There is a mesh window on the side to allow for ventilation and we'll add an old window in the winter so they still have light but will stay warmer.

We added an easy access door to the hen boxes for egg collection....making sure it was low enough that Caleb will be able to collect eggs on his own some day!

It didn't take long for the chickens to set up home and go in the coop on their own once it gets dark.  We close the front ramp at night to keep them safe.

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