Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Caleb's Montessori-Inspired Bedroom

This room is FAR from decorated in the way that I ever expected to decorate my child's bedroom.  While I was pregnant I had loads of ideas for decorating our little guy's nursery.  Unfortunately, the three of us shared this room until February when we finally finished the upstairs and by then I had a crawling baby who was into everything and decorating was the last thing on my mind!

Over the past year I've done a lot of research on the Montessori style of education and have really gravitated toward her simplicity of the environment in which you raise your children.  The past few months, I've done my best to transform this space into the perfect Montessori-inspired bedroom for our little man.

My goal in "decorating" Caleb's room has been less about the aesthetic and more about function and giving our boy independence.  With a floor bed, he's able to get into and out of bed without help or fear of injury.  The shelves are low and house only those toys he's able to play with without supervision.  The entire room is kid friendly and baby proof!

About a month ago, we introduced the floor bed mostly because our boy was getting heavier and it was harder for this pregnant mama to put him into his crib.  It took us about a week to make the transition, but he took to the floor bed beautifully! (currently our floor bed is just a crib mattress on the floor)  

The low shelves are perfect for allowing Caleb access to the toys in his room.  Each shelf houses only one item and we're working on teaching him to return the items to their "home" when he's finished.  Toys like blocks are kept in baskets to keep them visible yet organized.  

We recently added a wall decal chalk board on one wall and he LOVES it.  I used a command hook to hang a bucket of chalk and eraser that I can remove during naptime/bedtime.  It's so fun to see him "write/draw" all my himself   Near the chalkboard is a clock (which he no longer messes with), and I hope to add some photos of family to be down at his level as well.

Caleb loves, loves, loves books!  So we have a few baskets of books around the room as well.  He has loads of board books and has begun to enjoy looking at them alone.  Sometimes we'll find books in bed with him in the morning as if he'd been reading them throughout the night!

Though the room isn't 100% Montessori, I think that it's an over all calming and relaxing room that we all enjoy spending time in.  Caleb has taken to the independence and enjoys the freedom to make the decision when he's tired or wants to play.

We love that he no longer wakes up crying and yelling to be let out of his crib, he now just plays quietly until we are able to come get him.  Caleb's new room is perfect for our curious little toddler!!

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