Saturday, September 13, 2014

tot school // the color red

This year Caleb and I will being doing a super informal tot school.  This year our focus will be on colors, we'll spend about two weeks exploring the "color of the week"!

Here's a little of what we've been up to in our first two weeks of tot school exploring the color red!

We started with a scavenger hunt around the house to collect all the red items we could find.  These items were then used to create Caleb's "red" discovery basket that we keep in his room to explore.

Every morning, we start our day with a little story time after breakfast.  Our library has awesome kits for kids that include loads of books that center around a specific theme, so this week we're exploring the "red" books.  We've found a few new favorites. "Red Truck" and "Big Red Farm"

We recently installed a magnet board (cookie sheet!) and felt board in the kitchen to give Caleb some activities to do while we cook or clean.  This week we used red magnets and I cut out shapes with red felt.  He loved picking up items out of the baskets and putting them on the boards.

Next we tried our hand at a "writing" activity.  Caleb used a red dry erase marker to color the word "red" printed on paper inside a sheet protector.  He loved scribbling, but especially loved making it disappear by wiping the sheet clean!

Our homemade red play dough was a HUGE hit!

As was the red bath paint!

Because we're taking a laid back approach to tot school this year, there is no pressure to "do school" each day.  We're just having fun!!

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