Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Abel's Birth Story.

January 19th, I headed to bed feeling defeated.  At nearly 5 days past our due date, I'd been having contractions on and off for over a week with little progression.  We'd spent the past two evenings walking laps around the mall in hopes of moving things along.  Then...

At 2:30am January 20th, my water broke...like Caleb's birth, once my water broke I waited for those contractions to begin.  It was nearly 4am by the time I felt confident that my contractions were strong enough to call Janis, our midwife.  She told us to keep her updated, but that she was going to try to sleep for a few more hours and to call if there was much of a change.  (*I'm sure she was thinking things were going to progress slowly like they did for Caleb.)

By 7am, we knew it was time to call Janis again.  She arrived around 8, but after seeing me decided that she should take a nap as she'd been up all night with her little one and we surely were going to be a while. 

Around 10:30am, active labor really started to kick in.  We walked laps around the house (inside of course!) and climbed the stairs repeatedly!  It wasn't until around 12:30 when our nurse suggested I try to take a shower that things REALLY started.  By 1pm I was ready to push.

Abel Henry was born at 1:31pm, after a total of 11 hours of labor!

This video tells the story so much better than I ever could.  What a blessing to be able to look back and see this incredible experience from another perspective.  Thank you Joyce for capturing our sweet boy's home birth so beautifully!

(**I pushed for all of 10 minutes - which caused a lot of bruising for our little guy, so in the video you'll notice poor Abel's face is swollen very blue.  The swelling and bruising disappeared within a few days.)

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